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Thank you for deciding to try out Illustratica's design services, to get started on your project I will need to know two things, the subject matter and the style. If you could send jpegs examples of the style of artwork you are looking for or links to artwork you like from an another site, this will help, any kind of reference is appreciated.

1 - Subject Matter
Describe what the design is about.
Let me know what is happening in the design, for example, if people are involved, how many and what they are doing? Is there a background? If it's for screen printing, how many colors do you want to use? How many designs in total?

2 - Style
Please let me know what style you are looking for.
Let me know what style you are looking for in your design. If you see the style you are looking for in my portfolio, mention the page and design. Please see above for examples of styles. This could get a bit confusing because some of the styles overlap. Cartoon is straight forward and easy to understand, usually black line drawing with color. Illustration is usually hand drawn artwork but can also be created in the computer, they are usually detailed designs. Graphic style can have an image but it's usually not as detailed, it's more of a flat look to it. All styles can have text in the design with a font of your choosing or I'll pick one.

3 - Make Contact
Send me an email or call me.
Once you know what your design is about and what style, please send me an email or call me and describe it to the best of your ability. If there are any questions, I will respond back to you in a timely manner. Once I know what you want I will send you a quote. If you agree to the quote, half of payment will be sent to my PayPal account before any work is started. This provides commitment on both parties to the project.
Send email describing your design to or call me at 514-941-2633, Eastern Standard Time.

I only accept PayPal

half of full payment will be sent to my PayPal account to get started.

Please make all PayPal payments to email address
To go to PayPal click here or the PayPal logo below.

4 - Design Process
My turn around time is usually pretty fast, depending on how many jobs I have to complete. I work on a first come first serve basis. Once I receive prepayment you get on my 'to-do' list. If the design is complicated, I usually send a sketch for approval, all changes are made to the sketch. Making changes to final art is always difficult, unless it's a minor change or a font change.

A pencil sketch is shown in the first image, this is sent to the client for approval, once the 'go ahead' is given, I proceed to final art, which is the last image.

5 - Completed Design
Once the design is complete, I will email you a low resolution jpeg file of the design. Once you approve the design you will be asked to send the second half of full payment to my PayPal account. Upon receiving payment I will email you the design in a high resolution jpeg and/or the actual Adobe Illustrator file. I Currently use Adobe Illustrator CS3, let me know if you need an older version Illustrator file. The project is complete.

For further questions feel free to call me at 514-941-2633 or write an email. You may find the answers to some of your questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working for you.

About Illustratica

My name is Eddie Shahini and I am the artist behind Illustratica. I have worked full-time as a graphic artist in the apparel industry for years and have become one of the leading freelance T-shirt artists online.


Recent Testimonials

"I am not sure that I have expressed how relieved and thankful I am to have been connected to you.  The artwork is AWESOME!  I think they are all really going to LOVE it! Looking forward to future projects with a real t-shirt ARTIST again!!!" - Fayla 2015 "I LOVE IT! You did an awesome job and definitely brought the idea to light!! Thanks a million" - Ebony 2015


My Mission

My goal is to deliver the T-shirt design you see in your head. There will be some initial emails to get the concepts and style you are expecting, then I will proceed to sketches or final art. My only concern is that you are 100% satisfied with design. I stand by my work, please read my testimonials.

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