"This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. Your work is excellent."
Amy G.
The 3 Ameatgos
August 2019

"I went over everything with my son and we love it. Thank you for the fantastic artwork."
Ann K.
August 2018

"You rock. I received great reviews from people in the industry. Thanks for everything."
Joey S.
Swamp Cracker
March 2018

"You're one of the best designers I've worked with and your work is well done! Thank you so much!
Trev W.
July 2017

"I can't speak enough of how good you are with the designs and how easy you are to work with.
All I can say is you are AWESOME!!!!!
David G.
Christian Designs
June 2017

"Love it... Thanks, you always do great work.
Ricky H.
Lone Star Trophy Lures
April 2017

"Wooooooo! It just opened!! I LOVE IT!❤. Exactly what I was trying to describe. PERFECT!!!!
You are SO talented!!! Thank you!"
Deck 383
January 2017

"Thanks so much. These turned out absolutely perfect and you put my ideas to art. I'd love to use you again in the future."
Paul L.
Mud Cricket Mafia
September 2016

"The logo looks awesome, you freaking nailed it!!! Can't wait to get shirts and cards made. I will be sure to tell everybody about you and your awesome work. Thank you so much!."
Ashley C.
Mud & Crud Cleaning
August 2016

"LOVE IT!! Exactly what I'm looking for!!."
Cisco E.
Love is Insanity
July 2016

"That's great. That is everything I hoped it could be and more. Thanks for taking my idea and inspiration and bringing it to life with your artistic talent."
David T.
Sasquatch Strong
July 2016

"It looks amazing!!! I'm so pleased. Man you are awesome!!!! Totally love it!!!!.I'm so glad that I came across your website & got in contact with you. We will definitely be using you again on our shirt designs. I can't say how happy I am."
Gabe H.
June 2016

"You have seriously outdone yourself with this one.....holy crap it looks amazing! Thank you very, very much sir! OUTSTANDING!."
Ryan C.
May 2016

"After looking at this design I'm overwhelmed! I think anything you come with will be perfect, you do awesome work."
Patrick G.
May 2016

"That's awesome, I finally found an artist."
Bud S.
Blue Collar Apparel
February 2016

"Jesus! You nailed it. I hope you never get out of the business because you are the best."
Eric C.
January 2016

"OMG Its PERFECT! Thanks sooooo much I love love love it! I will definitely keep doing business with you. Eddie you're the best!"
Cherie F.
Nishiin Designs
November 2015

"Right on bro, this is excellent. Exactly what I pictured! I really appreciate your prompt service. I have a few other ideas so I'm looking forward to working with you in the future, keep up the good work, thanks again."
Derek G.
September 2015

"I can’t begin to explain to you how excited I am! This is fantastic!  
Let’s do some more!"

Travis F.
Transformation Marketing
August 2015

"I am not sure that I have expressed how relieved and thankful I am to have been connected to you. The artwork is AWESOME!  I think they are all really going to LOVE it! Looking forward to future projects with a real t-shirt ARTIST again!!! "
Fayla C.
Klein Oak High School
May 2015

"I LOVE IT! You did an awesome job and definitely brought the idea to light!! Thanks a million"
Ebony J.
Snagga Swagga
January 2015

"I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! You do great work!"
Jim B.
T-Dude Grafx
November 2014

"That's looks awesome. I think it's looks perfect. I'll run it by my partner just to make sure. Can't wait to start on the other ones. Thanks"
Eric C.
September 2014

"We recently asked Illustratica to create a design for our bluegrass band Half Past Lonesome. We wanted something that would have represent the band and appeal to a larger audience as well. We wanted a good looking shirt that you might find someone wearing daily. Eddie went to work and when we received the proof it was exactly what we were looking for. He took the idea that we had for the design and made it a reality. Eddie was a pleasure to work with and sent us an excellent design. We would recommend him to anyone. He really captured the feel of the band and our music in a piece of art."
Jeff Clair
Half Past Lonesome
July 2014

"DUDE THAT'S INSANE!!! I SHOULD GIVE YOU A MILLIONS BUCKS INSTEAD OF 60!!! uh hem...sorry, but seriously that's absolutely perfect bro. You just made a lifetime customer and I'm gonna' tell everyone under the sun about your site lol"
Sean L.
Dynamic Detailing
April 2014

"I Love It!!!! This is awesome!! Thank you so much."
The Angry-Angler
April 2014

"OMG......I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!:))))"
Cantrece D.
Kandi Blues
April 2014

"It looks great! We're really psyched, thanks for the great work!"
Clint B.
Cogma Bikewear
Dec 2013

"WOW! that's hot from the looks of all your designs I new it was a good idea for me to let you come up with the design, love it!"
Virgil B.
Truckers America
Nov 2013

"I don't know what to say. It is perfect. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much."

Laura B.
Rebel Diamonds
June 2013

"I LOVE it!! you did a GREAT job. Thanx and there will be others I am sure!!"
Hal S.
Lovin' Life Again
October 2012

"I love it....its perfect.... that's just how I imagined it in my head..... good job.....  I got more designs in my head for future work."
DJ Handgun
October 2012

Brian C.
September 2012

"I LOVE IT!...wow, it looks really good, it's really close to what we wanted, in fact better!"
Kimberely C.
August 2012

"I don't like it! I LOVE it! That is hot. So now I have a few more projects for you.
I just need to get the ideas going."

Jim D.
Stitches N Ink
July 2012

"Eddie, that is badass!  Perfect!  Thank you so much!   I have a lot more work for you lol. "
July 2012

"I have to tell you that I don't like this.  I LOVE THIS!  You really outdid yourself this time. "
Nolan L.
March 2012

"Wow!! That was a surprise! That looks amazing! Love the background. Everything is just awesome. I am super excited to see it on the t-shirt."
Bob F.
Team 40th
February 2012

"Oh my gosh! How awesome are you! I just saw the design at 2:30 am. I had to wake everybody up to see it. We love it!!!!! and in one day, awesome. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I'm so glad you could see it when I had no clue what to do. Truly an artist! "
Janice W.
Got Doobie?
December 2011

"That's fantastic. I love it! Thank you very much for the design, you have captured everything that I was after. I will certainly be in contact for any future work I need."
Nathan A.
Fat Blind Cat
December 2011

"Omg!!!!!  I love it!!!!!!!!  U r amazing!!!!  That is exactly what I wanted!!!!  I love you!!!  I cannot thank you enough. "
Amia M.
September 2011

"Eddie, I have to say that I am really impressed and touched by your work and I hope this flows over into others who see it and makes them want to wear a shirt."
Jeff P.
September 2011

"Great job on everything!  Everyone is extremely happy with the work, time commitments and most importantly the constant communication.  Can’t wait to have more business with you in the future."
James B.
Pecky Boyz
June 2011

"Looks great.....very pleased....
final payment on its way to you in moments ...thanks again..shirt will be a hit "

Gary W.
Speedy Subs
May 2011

"Just got my t-shirt and its awesome! Even the guy at the store was amazed by the quality of your work. I will get back to you for more.... "
Aristeidis K.
April 2011

"Man, it looks amazing! You do fantastic work!
You do extremely fast work and you are a very gifted artist."

Dennis S.
The Pimp and the Dead
February 2011

"You are truly amazing! Its perfect..."
Toshiaki W.
February 2011

"The design is real nice, I'm very pleased with it. You do great work."
Ricky H.
January 2011

"Wow Eddie these look great, very great job. I love them. U rock "
Crissy S.
January 2011

"Perfect!! We love it, you got it. Thank you for the awesome job."
Arnoldo E.
Fútbol inc.
May 2010

"Yeah!, It's fantastic, It's the look I had in mind, good work man."
Jerónimo N.
April 2010

"Eddie one word, Outstanding! Just what I was looking for. I will have some
more work for you in near future."

Bert H.
March 2010

"My client really liked the designs. Awesome job! I will probably have more designs for you to work on later this week."
Mike P.
Blue Mug Promotions
March 2010

"I'm speechless !! This is unbelievably awesome!!
Eddie Thank you !! The design is great !! "

Mike H.
Xtreme Tees
January 2010

"You are amazing, awesome, crazy!! This is more then beautiful. I love how professional you work, fast replying and delivery. I would definitely send you more designs to do for us, this design will help us started. You are a great person."
Bruno S.
January 2010

"Hi Eddie, I can’t express enough how much I love it!!! Are you psychic??? I am so stoked I found you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will be throwing all my work to you!!!"
Vance P.

Joe F.
Arizona Veteran's Memorial Fund

"Last design was awesome Eddie. Sounds like it is going to be edgy just like we want. Go for it!"
Pablo P.
Team Papovitch

"I love it. Excellent work at an excellent price.  You will definitely be getting all of my business."
Kelly T.

"The feeling's mutual, man. You were professional in every way.
My Web designer was impressed with your work. I told him, "I would work with that guy again in a heartbeat."

Leo D.

"Your work is amazing. This looks great. I am out and I will send you the balance when I get back from the gym. great job!"

"I really love it. I'm glad we're still on the same page."
Jermaine P.
Quiet Grind

"I have been around this world 38 Years and have never seen a shirt this
bad ass. You are a stud!!! I'm completely floored by this. This has to
be one of your best shirts ever."

Dan O,
US Army

"Seriously man, this could be the start of a very long and prosperous journey...
This shirt looks sick."

Richard H.
Military Tshirts

"As we discussed by phone recently, I am thrilled with the way the shirts came out.   I wasn’t sure I would be able to find someone who could take an idea that was pretty much solely in my head and translate it to an actual design but you “hit it out of the park”.   Not only that but kudos for your overall responsiveness, flexibility and customer service in working this project with me.  And to think I was lucky enough to find you through a simple Google search! Merci beaucoup!!!"
Peter C.
Bad Ass Kat

"NAILED IT!   I love it! ...Bottom line, You did NOT disappoint!
You got it they way i wanted it!"

Twiggy B.

"Awesome nuff said! Nice to see people who are passionate Eddie"
Nigel 'Brutus Gold'
Love Train

"I am completely in awe...This is awesome Eddie, i couldn't have pictured my little pixilated drawing turning out like this. Thank you very much."
Andrew R.
King Bear

"Yes! That is the design we are going with for this year. Good job Eddie and I am very impressed with the time it took to complete the art."
Justin W.
Broadway Variety

"It looks great! We're real happy with it and can't wait to print it.
I'm sure we'll have more work for you in the future."

Brent V.
November 2009

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"I am not sure that I have expressed how relieved and thankful I am to have been connected to you.  The artwork is AWESOME!  I think they are all really going to LOVE it! Looking forward to future projects with a real t-shirt ARTIST again!!!" - Fayla 2015 "I LOVE IT! You did an awesome job and definitely brought the idea to light!! Thanks a million" - Ebony 2015


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